Our Team

05 May 2015

We couldn't be happier with our new Bobcat.

Come in!

What Clients Say About Us

We are constantly getting letters from our happy customers. R&R Pump prides itself on always satisfying the customer.

We can tackle bigger and better jobs with our new bigger case excavator.


Our store has a very wide variety of products so you know we have the perfect one for every job.  R&R Pump's employees are the best around.  We're all involved a little bit with everything so no matter who you ask we can all help.  The products stocked inside range from small engine parts to pumps to Husqvarna equipment.


“Thank you for your prompt service, good techs, and even a fair price.  I am a customer of R&R Pump from now on.


Mr. Cook

Homeowner in Helena

07 JULY 2015

We upgraded our old dingo to this beast.  

R&R Pump opened in 1987.  The family owned business is still run today by the father and the three sons.  Our goal is to provide costly beautiful work no matter what the work is.  The customer is always our priority no matter what it means we have to do.

“Dear Tamer and Company

Thank you for the gift card it was a nice surprise, I hope you all have a nice holiday.  I couldnt be happier with my landscaping, it's beautiful.  Thanks for all the little details: the perfectly laid steppers, the beautiful curbing, cleaning the driveway everyday and if that wasnt enough lining my woodbox with weedmat and moving my bench. We love it you guys are the best.”


Homeowner in Clancy

We are a very diverse company.  We are experts in everything from landscaping to commercial heating and small engine repair.  Our specialists are the best around so you can rest easy knowing your in the best hands available.  We have the right equipment for every job big or small so you know were efficient and not just wasting time and money.